Office Casual


 There is a whole new meaning and thought process around office wear this year – it nudges the boundaries of what we all traditionally understand office wear to be but opens up creativity and individual tastes. It’s kind of casual, quirky and comfortable, yet still “smart” and respectful. It’s as if the idea of wearing sneakers from the tube or station to the office has become an actual trend, no need to pull out the heels anymore, your sneakers can stay.

 When delving a little deeper into the trends of the year and what the trend forecasters are predicting, the office casual look goes hand in hand with the new trending work environments that so many companies are striving towards and that is output driven employment. Work from home options, office share opportunities and the mobile office environment. These all lend themselves to a more casual environment but not taking the foot off the pedal when it comes to the actual delivery of the outputs relating to the business.

With the millennial’s now starting to enter the workplace it was a given that the work environment would be very technically strong and with that strength comes the flexibility of not needing to be office based or bound to a desk. This flexibility thus also allows for a far more casual dress code as many employees work remotely.

From a fashion point of view it introduces so many options to dress up and dress down the same outfit which is very pleasing for the budget. The look must not be mistaken with everyday casual, there is definite emphasis on quality over quantity, the look, albeit casual smacks of individual items handpicked and sought out to put together a classy yet unfussy outfit.

 At times it can be interpreted as an androgynous look but is very individual and can be altered to suit so many personalities. It is a bold look with very clean lines, never fussy. It is easy to wear and easy to move around in.