How to wear the trend and maintain your cool....

Frills and flounces are all over fashion right now and while most of us girls love to embrace all things feminine, not all of us are comfortable with the extra volume that this trend creates.Remember the frilly crochet loo roll cover at granny’s house? Not a good look.

 The trick to not looking like Barbie in the centre of a 7 year olds’ birthday cake, is to know which frills suit your particular body shape, and then to be disciplined enough to stick to wearing only those styles that fit the bill.

A safe rule of thumb, is to wear the ruffles on the parts of your body that could do with a bit more shape and then keep the rest of your silhouette strictly pared down.

 The Pear: If you are a pear shape (meaning you are narrow in the shoulders and have a small defined waist and then blossom out in all your feminine glory around the bottom half of your body with a well rounded bottom and hips)-your most flattering looks are those which add width at your shoulders and over the bust and are pulled in at the waist to show your tiny middle . Keep the bottom half of your body sleek and tailored and your overall proportions will appear balanced. Here are some looks you could carry off:

Ruffles at the shoulder makes your top half appear wider and balances out your overall proportions. A horizontal frill works well if you have a smaller bust, just be sure to add a belt if your outfit is not fitted in in at the waist. For a larger bust a deep V neck is the most flattering like these looks below:


The Inverted Triangle: If you are the opposite of a pear, with broad shoulders and narrow hips, you are an inverted triangle shape. Regardless of bust size, this figure looks best with the ruffles on the lower half of your body to add shape and balance it all out by keeping your top half clean and simple:



The Apple: The classic apple -a shape most of us morphed into post kids, where most of our weight sits around our middle-(otherwise known as Humpty Dumpty syndrome) -calls for a complete ban on wearing anything remotely frilly in the trunk area. Concentrate instead on frills on the hemline or on the edges of sleeves. This draws attention instead to your slim arms and legs. And if you have slim shoulders you can embrace any of the many off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder options as long as they are loose around the midriff and frills are restricted to sleeves or hem:

If you prefer to cover up your shoulders, there are many other options, and again a V-neck is the most flattering for a large bust:


If you are lucky enough to be a perfect hourglass shape or naturally slim and sporty with a boyish figure you can pretty much wear anything you want. These looks below will create extra curves if you want to add some shape, or enhance the ones you already have:


Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, it seems frills are going to be around for a couple more seasons. So whether you choose to dive right into an ocean of frothy frills a la Princess Di’s wedding gown and walk proud looking like an eighties babe, or if you’re more comfortable just to dip your toe into the pool and sport a neat little ruffle trim on the edge of your business suit, do remember to have fun looking like a girl again.

Because we all know, Girls Rule the World!